Petition to UDT-SEAL Association demeanding the removal of Janos aka Jesse Ventura from UDT-SEAL Association

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We, the undersigned, do hereby respectfully petition the UDT-SEAL Association to remove James George Janos, aka Jesse Ventura, from the Association’s membership.

This petition is brought forth as a result of the dishonorable actions set forth in the lawsuit perpetuated by Janos, against Taya Kyle, executrix for the estate of Christopher Kyle, deceased. We consider the continued pursuit of this lawsuit to be a display of great dishonor, and Janos’ purpose of stalking said widow to be only for media attention and profit.

As brothers within the Navy SEAL community, our ethos is to support, defend and protect each other on the battlefield, and here at home. Janos' actions are in direct contradiction of our community motto, ethos, and lacks integrity. Therefore, by his own actions in targeting the family, estate and future of the Kyle family, he has demonstrated his distaste for our beloved SEAL Community.

If Janos had any honor, following the murder of Chris Kyle, he would have dropped his suit. Ventura has been provided plenty of platform’s in which to share his side of the story. However, this is no longer a feud between two brothers; this is now an attack on the Widow and children of a slain Navy SEAL. Taya Kyle’s attorney, John Borger, summated this; “Continuing this action will serve no useful purpose and likely will promote public perception of Jesse Ventura as someone who has little or no regard for the feelings and welfare of surviving members of deceased war heroes.
” (Star Tribune, 30 May 2013) http://www.startribune.com/local/209539341.html"

It would be a dishonor for the Navy SEAL Community to be associated with this, or any individual who targets one of our own. Chris Kyle was an exceptional Navy SEAL who utilized his skills and prowess on the battlefield to ensure the safety of not only Navy SEAL lives, but those of many of our brothers and sisters in arms.

Chris is no longer among us and cannot protect his family, his beloved wife and children. It is therefore, upon us to take action and stand up for Chris’ family. All of us who knew Chris had the confidence that he would stand by you no matter what. If you went down, he would get you out, or go down with you, but he would never abandon you. Being able to trust your brother at this level is a comforting thought in the realm of the battlefield.

For many, Chris Kyle is a hero because of his prowess as a Navy SEAL operator, and the number of enemies he eliminated from the battlefield. However, within the Brotherhood he will always be remembered as a Guardian Angel watching over us as we patrolled/moved through dangerous land. He was the Guardian ready to remove the enemy threat before the enemy could reach us. Many of us came back home to our wives, children, and families only because of Chris’ actions on the battlefield.

Chris’ family has found itself under a vicious, unconscionable attack by Janos, aka Ventura, who claims to be a part of our community. It was always an unwritten understanding and the confidence among us that if something happened to one of us, the other teammates would help protect and safeguard our families.

It is our moral obligation and our duty as fellow SEALs to step in and protect Chris Kyle’s family, and to honor Chris Kyle’s legacy. We must now stand strong as the protectors of his family and demand accountability for Janos’, aka Ventura’s, actions if he chooses to continue in his relentless attack on Chris’ family.

** Upon review of this petition, if it meets your approval and you would like your name added, please send an email to stopwidowstalkers@gmail.com, stating your approval and request your name be added. Please include your full name, rank, BUDs Class number, and if you are still Active Duty. The petition will be sent in its entirety to the Association; however, Active Duty names will not be posted publicly. You are also encouraged to reply with awards/decorations you would like included. All military members and all civilians are invited and encouraged to show that you stand with us and with Chris Kyle’s family by adding your name to the petition. The roster will be updated daily.

Swindling Veterans' Charities.
Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ, exposed by CBS KPHO 5

Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ, was caught in July 2012 attacking Veterans' Charities and is then exposed by KPHO 5 news, Arizona News. Ware, known among SEALs as Widow Stalker, was caught when SEALs discovered his SupportTheSeals organization was making false claims to be a non-profit, when it was not even a legal entity.

In March 2012, Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ, purchased multiple URL names that sounded similar to legitimate Veterans Charities (variations of a single letter making plural or singular names) and was redirecting visitors who mistyped the charity's name to the PayPal button on his website. SEALs recorded Ware's attack on one of their charities and it can viewed here:
This Conman was collecting money that he never accounted for. When questioned about it, Ware attacked the SEALs, their charities, and endangered Navy SEAL families. In an attempt to lead terrorists to SEALs homes, Ware started using his social media accounts to connect with over 600 accounts primarily from the middle east with possible ties to Jihadists. While connecting to these accounts, he began posting information leading to Navy SEALs homes and families. The Conman even posted a Google map to one of the SEALs children’s school with information attempting to attract the attention of terrorists.

Multiple Veterans Charities had to hire attorneys to stop Ware from stalking them.
In Ware's initial ‘apology’ to the Navy SEAL community, he claimed that he only purchased similar domains by mistake and that he had good intentions. However, his story is always changing and designed to further deceive.

Ware failed to mention his deliberate endangerment of SEAL families by his posting of pictures and information leading to SEALs homes via his twitter account that he purposefully sought to connect with possible Jihadist accounts. This crook also failed to mention that a Gold Star Mother of a Navy SEAL killed in Iraq had to hire an attorney to stop Ware from stalking her and her charity. He also failed to respect her wishes and legal directive, as he continues his exploitation of her loss.

Beware of Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ he is a dangerous conman that everyone needs to be aware of.


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Cease And Desist Letter written by US Navy SEALs themselves to the Graham Ware is posted below.


Open Letter to Graham Ware and www.supporttheseals.org

DATE: 24 JUL 12
MEMORANDUM TO: Graham Ware and Support The SEALs Organization
FROM: Members of the Navy SEAL Community

        Please be advised that we the undersigned, TRUE NAVY SEALs, demand that you and your organization cease and desist from using the official Navy SEALs Trident on any and all, Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts, websites immediately. This would include any and all future endeavors, to include logos, websites and promotional materials.

        This letter is being sent to you and your organization because it has come to our attention that your actions show a lack of integrity, honor and valor towards the "SEAL" Community. You purposefully obtained two domain address in March of 2012, five months before any incident occurred with the intent to defraud the general public and supporters of the Navy SEAL Community. Those of us who wear the Trident do so with honor, integrity and valor. You sir, are not one of us, and have shown to be without honor, integrity and valor with your action in using the Trident on a website entitled: www.supporttheseals.org.

        The appearance of your actions in purchasing and redirecting two domain sites through Godaddy.com under the URLs named: www.navysealfund.org and www.navysealsfoundation.org and subsequently pointing said domains to a domain address owned by YOU as, www.supporttheseals.org is unethical and malicious. In obtaining domain addresses that are similar in nature of two well respected organizations within the Navy "SEAL" Community, and redirecting those URLs, whereby, redirecting the general public to your site, is deceptive in nature and profiting from the honorable reputation of others. Your actions have created significant confusion and detracted from the true mission of supporting our "SEAL" Brothers and their families. This pattern of actions also raises the question as to the legitimacy of the Support the SEALs as a registered organization, non-profit, or other legal entity.

        Accordingly, your actions thus far have shown the Navy "SEAL" Community that you are not an honorable supporter of our community. Your misuse of the Trident, acquisition of two similar domain names, and your dishonesty and appearance to defraud the general public in conducting fundraisers in the name of our fallen brothers is inexcusable. We demand you stop using our fallen comrades and their families to promote your unethical business practices.

        We demand you stop our attempts to profit from the purchase and sale of any and all URLs with our name ‘SEAL’, to include www.supporttheseals.com that you currently have listed for sale for $2,595 on Godaddy.com. If we do not see immediate action in the removal of all Trident insignia's and use of our name ‘SEAL’ from any and all, Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts, and Websites currently using the Trident or our name ‘SEAL’, we will be forced to use every legal recourse within our community to put a stop to your activities.

We, TRUE NAVY SEALS, stand united as a Brotherhood and will not allow any individual into the SEAL Community who is seeking to profit off the backs of our fallen heroes.

Larry Bailey, CAPT, US Navy SEAL (Ret.), BUD/S Class 30, East Coast
Anthony T. O'Brien, Sr., Lieut. Cdr., US Navy SEAL (Ret.), BUD/S Class 156
Donald Wayne Shipley Jr. BMCS SEAL Class 131
Billy B. Helmers, SOCS Class 175
Christopher L Sajnog, SOC (DV) ret. Class 199
Mikal Vega, SOC, Class 224

Marcus Luttrell, SO1 (Ret), Class 228
Joel Lambert, SO1 (Ret), Class 222
Carlos Vargas, SO1 (Ret), Class 222
Michael Sauers, SO1, Class 214
Thomas Dzieran, SO1 (Ret), Class 185
David Meadows, SO1, Class 245
Heath, IT1, SEAL, Class 200
Patrick Mulderrig, SEAL, Class 208